Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt boxed in like you needed to break out?

Have you ever had a big dream, but didn’t know how to get there
so you wrote it, sang it, spoke it to the universe?

Have you ever started something from nothing?

Have you ever look at your hands in awe for what they create?

Have you ever wondered where your ideas come from?

Have you ever had sight for the invisible?

Have you ever had a door open that you didn’t understand but you walked through anyways?

Have you ever disappointed others by following your soul song?

Have you ever had your heart break and an impossible time forgiving even though you follow a God of love?

Have you ever been fierce about yourself because you are your own best advocate?

Have you ever been introduced to new concepts that invigorate with their wild expansion?

Have you ever wanted to slice through small talk and arrive at the heart of life?

Have you ever brought healing to others with the sacred tools you’ve been gifted?

Have you ever followed God without mentioning God?

Have you ever sat with a mentor grateful for their wisdom and lack of knowing?

Have you ever looked in a child’s eye and recognized them as your teacher?

Have you ever grieved over the death of a stranger?

Have you ever rejoiced over a ladybug who landed on the hem of your garment?

Have you ever wanted more for yourself and those you love —
more meaning, more self-love, more wellness?

Have you ever gathered up your experiences and given them permission to shift your perspective on something that seemed so solid?

Have you ever carried on with strength because you realized you could?

Have you ever looked back and seen how far you’ve come?

Have you ever celebrated your amazing fortitude?

I have.

I bet you have.


We sure have gone through a lot together.

Upcoming Gatherings

Activate: Faces & Senses & More, Oh My! Workshop
Pinehurst Parks & Rec · Recreation Room
Tuesday, June 4th · 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Would you like to activate more creativity in your life? How are your senses able to help? Come and learn how to draw a simple face structure while considering how your senses and natural elements go hand in hand to initiate more creativity in your life. We’ll connect in a sharing circle, be guided on how to draw a basic face and work with inquiry and the senses to open you to inventive exploration for your life. Watercolor paper, acrylic paint and imagination will be the tools for this class. No painting experience necessary. All materials provided. Register here.

Red Thread Hike: A Soul-Full Connection with Friend & Nature

(baby – teen)

Thursday, June 20th
9am – 10:30am

June Theme: Playfulness!

Come join me to connect in
a Red Thread Circle and walk the Reservoir Trail in Southern Pines.
If you’ve never experienced the Red Thread Circle before, this will be a fun way to be introduced into it! Would love to BE with you!

Please let me know if you are coming by RSVPing over here!

More upcoming classes will be announced by the end of this week! Stay tuned by signing up for my newsletter (Sign up on my home page) or check back under Upcoming Classes! Thanks!