Is it I? Is it You?

Search for genuine,
seek the true —
Is it I?
Is it you?

Keen like goldilocks,
fish for clues —
I’m a spy;
join my crew?

Hug the art-of-be,
unleash “do” —
Savor pie,

False masks insulate,
conceal their “Boo!” —
Who am I?
Come unglued

Learn of La Loba,
lost bones her brew —
She tends my cry,
sings to imbue

Toes in earth sienna,
Eyes on sky blue
Here am I,
Where are you?

Heed bird medicine,
Hear owl’s, “Who” —
I can fly,
Bid adieu

Head toward the rainbow
all her hues —
embraces I,
welcomes you

Feel it in my heart
tingles the cue —
True is true,
is true is true

Love is wide,
never subdued

Red Thread Hike: A Soul-Full Connection with Friend & Nature


Monday, May 20th
9am – 10:30am

Come join me to connect in a Red Thread Circle and walk the Reservoir Trail in Southern Pines. If you’ve never experienced the Red Thread Circle before, this will be a fun introduction! We’ll focus on the theme of “connection” in our lives, then we’ll pair up to walk & share. Would love to BE with you! Sign up over here

Unlock: Love Thyself
A Permission Box Red Thread Session

Coming up next Tuesday, May 21st is an evening to plunge into permission! Where you do need to give yourself permission in life? Come explore this fun theme with me from 6pm – 9:30pm. Ladies only! More details over here.