To Be Carried

She Who Protects • Wood Panel • 36″ x 48″ • Acrylic

Why am I surprised?
Isn’t this how I’ve heard
the Divine loves?

When I loosen my grip of knowing
and seek the mystery of love,
there I am,

Carried, I ride on the wind,
effortless, a bird of grace,
wings open, alive with
the lift of air beneath me.

Carried, I swim with the stream,
released, a fish of freedom,
flexing fin, flowing with
the rush of sea around me

When I
table talk with resistance
curious to opposition
there I am,

Held, I drop into deep sleep
in the arms of protection
Eyes closed peaceful, I trust
the One who embraces me

Held, I press my soft being
into sweet wordless wonder
Visions form, I cherish
the presence of dreams for me

When I
waken to broad belonging
welcome the unexplainable
there I am,

Connected, I raise my joy
to the love revelation
Hands open, I receive
abundance for you and me

Connected, my classic pearls
come undone, tradition loosened.
Pearls of wisdom unfasten
I’m free to go and be me

Met where I am,
this is how the Spirit loves —
She carries,
She holds,
She connects

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