How Do I Help You Shine?

The pain is swept into the corner
with cobwebs and day old crumbs.
I attempt to dismiss the tired blend,
but my bare foot steps on it,
the discomfort is palpable.

I focus on the dis-ease —
missing my
sliver of soul glimmer,
a slice of personal sparkle
mixed into the grit, becomes
clouded from eyesight.
Seems, as I tidy up the exterior,
the ache remains my sole emphasis.
I never notice how
my interior light
fades into the shadow.

I see it in you, too.
How your outer sheen 
has been polished carefully,
preened into politeness,
the sting of life a toll-taker.
Yet, as we share a cookie,
your eyes tell a different story 
of silly whims and 
wild tales, laughter
spills over from your 
deepest caverns, your
inner kindling lit.

I sense that you, too
are unaware
of your secret flame.

How is it that
we shield ourselves
from our innate luminosity,
a Spirit-given gift?

Why do we
accentuate the dust,
hastily cleanse, and keep
the very thing that makes
our heart beat hidden

I wait for your eyes to open
and see what I extol in you:
your beautiful curiosity,
your graceful listening,
your heart-centered way

you wait for me too.

How do we help
one another 
open the door
to our bold
and bright glow
with no apology?

Together, we wait.
We share our lives.
We encourage one another’s expansion.
We cultivate unique expression.
We wait.
To believe it for ourselves.
To believe we are worthy to live
into our grace-filled
spark of playful joy

While you wait,
know this.
You are worthy.
Playful joy is yours to have,
even amid the grief.

But, if you aren’t able to claim this,
it’s okay.
Because I believe it for you
and you for me.

Side by side,
we help one another flicker.
We are forever bound in love.

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