The Rising

Now you know —
the rising cannot be contained!

It’s a balloon floating to the Great Beyond,
It’s a motorcycle flying down Route 66,
It’s a champagne bottle uncorked


This rising moves
in crafty ways—
past stones 
beyond walls
through shadows
to a freedom of
uninhibited giggles

This rising arrives
in unexpected places—
blooming gardens
along dirt roads
in lofty rooms
where conversation
centers on hope

This rising displays
a powerful truth—
the licorice earth
the ebony womb
the starless tomb
all hold the woven secret
of fresh life formed

Now you know —
this rising is among us, within us,
as a persistent glimmer of Light
inviting peace in our darkest hour
for the good news we can’t deny:
every difficult passage leads
to a novel beginning

This rising
calls your name
asking you to partner
with the Creative Force
that resides
within and around
your mortal being
to craft a world
of love

Today, let each of us celebrate
this sacred rising
known as the Christ.