Let Us Live!

There is nothing new
about this message
found better penned in the likes
of Walden, The Summer Day, Desiderata*, but
(maybe) in this inhale you need it
(maybe) at your next blink
this note will float near
and the words
will fall over you like a salve
to the tired in your bones
(maybe) you’ve forgotten
about the elixir of living
that is yours to taste

(here goes)

Let us live for today —
a slate of possibilities
Let us listen to our favorite song —
bass high, cruising down the road
Let us dance in the kitchen —
a solo performance, for no one but ourselves
Let us speak to the living —
with love words, a sweet breath blown,

“Hello, bird! Fine day isn’t it?”
“Oh, tree. You sure are a beauty. Thanks for blooming like you do.”
“Darling love. You are mine and I am yours. This is enough.”

Let us skip the obligations and eat lobster on Saturday —
to practice the art of BE
Let us jump puddles after the rain —
soaking wet, abuzz with laughter
Let us honor the Spirit light that glows within —
a celebration for the lost and found

Tell me,
Why do we limit our living?
Why do we play it safe?
Why do we choose actions that look the same,
day in, year out, lulling us into a walking sleep

when the beating pulse of our heart
invites us to lean in,
listen for the dare
to step out of line,
follow the essence
toward the wind
of curiosity

*Giving a nod to three classic writings:
Walden by Henri David Thoreau
A Summer Day by Mary Oliver
Desiderata by Max Ehrmann

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