Kneeling (for Change)

– Dedicated to my friend Petra

I have a canvas in my studio space,
large, four feet by five feet,
leans against the wall,
too large for any easel,
a monstrosity to handle

Quite by accident, one day,
I find myself on my knees painting,
swept into unlikely prayer, marking
— my colorful story
— rhythms of the moon
— thresholds to cross

This is where She finds me
Call her what you will —
Mother Divine
Sacred Feminine
Mary, Eve, Wisdom (Proverbs 8)
Spirit Woman

Whoever she is,
She persists in Her Love
revealing all the nuances
of Scripture where
she hides in broad daylight, despite
Jesus’ words that she
will be remembered (Mark 14:9)

She’s got me dwelling on
how she disappeared,
She’s got me crying for
all the little girls who only hear God
referred to as Father, Son, Lord, King
on Sunday mornings
even though Ruach* is She-breath

Without her,
Christ wouldn’t be born into the world.

She’s got me questioning
how we’ve forgotten the feminine
qualities of the Divine,
God is not male or female,
yet it seems we insist
on Him being Male.

So, there she is
calling to me while
I’m on my knees
telling me to expand myself
beyond the borders of
eyes on the prize,
logic takes all
goal-oriented completion
and embrace a
dance with ancient rhythms
a return to the elements
sharing lives in circle
our heart attune to something more
than doctrine

She tells me to move through the dark,
to do the work, to tell the story.
It is needed. The rhythm
of feminine and masculine
are grace in motion when both are
invited to the dance

Who will do this work?
How will it happen
if not you and I?

Here I am on my knees
with a paintbrush looking
as if art is some singular pursuit
but this is everything
that leads to change —
I feel it in my prayerful bones.

Click here to read this beautiful poem by Alla Renee Bozarth, Before Jesus

*In the Old Testament, the term for the spirit of God is Ruach, a feminine term meaning breath.

“Wisdom, (is) referred to in the Old Testament Scripture as the feminine term hokhmah. Wisdom is not merely a concept but is personified as a woman. Over and over in the Bible and in Jewish wisdom literature, Wisdom is spoken of in Godlike ways. She’s portrayed as an entity, persona or manifestation of God, one who was brought forth from God before creation” – page 148 of The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd

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