Dear You… (Make your Mark)

Dear You —
Here’s what I need to tell you.
Life is not a broken record.
Life is a gift.
A once in a chance opportunity to leave your mark.
(your mark!)
What mark will you leave?
This is imperative!
You have a choice in all you do.
(a choice)

Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you don’t have a choice.
Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you’re broken.
Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you’re too busy.

What if you shift this tale a smidge, as in —

Choices are mine to make
I have goodness coursing through my veins and, yes
I do have time

Time, the elusive word that speaks
of the rhythm of stars, sun & moon, steadily
meeting you when your feet hit the ground
and your head rests on the pillow.
Yet, time’s rhythm isn’t static, even
the sun rises to a different sky each day:
sometimes a pink haze,
other days masked in gray; these
the speckled drops of light urging you to
listen to jazz music instead of pop,
ponder the miniature world while on your knees,
speak love to the powers that be.

Time invites each of us to wake up
and embrace her, not use her

You aren’t a robot.
You don’t have to do everything,
believe everything, the same way.

You have permission to
dance at the dinner table
write a poem of honest expression
sing out of tune way too loud
laugh at the wrong time

Who made the rules anyway?
And why are you trying so hard to follow them?

So, go
make your mark
for all the people who come after you
tell them your story
tell them what you really care about
and take action so they know you mean it

Your mark
— of heart
— of word
— of art
is important
Let it be filled with love
Let it be filled with light

Not every day will be a success
but don’t let that stop you.
Just add that day into the fire,
watch it purify into beauty.

Wipe the ash into your canvas
and keep going.

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Cultivator: Transforming Ashes to New Life

Our life is a continuous cycle. We are moving, changing beings who experience goodness and heartache on a regular basis. We are on the mountaintop one moment and are thrust into the valley the next. It’s common for the light of the flame and the demise of the ash to overlap. Too often, we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to allow the flame to warm us when difficult circumstances unfold. At other times, we ignore the ash to remain zeroed in on the joyful flame.

Have you ever wondered:
• What do I do while I wait for change?
• Is there an action I can take on behalf of the ashes of my life?
• How do I tend the heartache and rejoice in the goodness?
• Can I give myself permission to retain joy amid difficult circumstances?
• Is there a way to honor both the inner flame and the ash of affliction?
• Can I choose to cultivate my needs and celebrate the choices I make?

This invitation is for those women who desire to explore, honor and integrate the stages of this cycle (commonly referred to as the Life-Death-Life cycle). Together, with inquiry, paint and guided visualization, we’ll call forth our inner Cultivator, the one who tends to both the ash and the flame.

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