Faith & Imagination (Aren’t much different)

If I were to say
I know how imagination works —
it may not be true,


I’ve observed that
faith and imagination
aren’t much different

Faith, is being sure of
what we hope for and certain
of what we do not see (Heb 11:1)

Imagination, is a tool that
helps you and I to hope
and asks us to be certain in the form
unseen ideas want to take.

Where do these ideas come from, anyways?
How did they arrive?
What do they desire of you and I?

Each of us carries
these hidden whimsies, they are
dormant seeds we hold in a bundle

They desire to be tended
by our vigilant ears and daily returning
until their blooming.

Don’t get me wrong,
Some are wild hairs and pop out quickly
growing on their own terms
without much assistance

Most, stay within and percolate
needing to be coddled,
cocooned in their becoming
moving from the gut to the heart.

Whatever you do,
don’t start with the how-to first… this
is the saucy brain wanting to hi-jack
the whole juicy happening,
shouting plenty of what-ifs
and possible obstacles

begin with feeding
your mini inkling
in the belly of the inane.
Let Magi really take
a leap at a large vision of
splashing color into corners,
drinking dew in the moonlight
and tasting the scent of pine.

Let the backwards zip of the
hummingbird bring your notion
into the core of the heart.
Let the sweet drizzle of rain
nourish the breath of your vision.

There’s no need to give
this concept of yours voice until you’re ready.
When you do, be mindful
of who you speak your image to —
Careless words returned to your ears
are creativity butchers.

Soon enough,
if you are attentive to imagination,
and trust in its’ longing, you’ll find
you’ve been carrying an
interior garden all along.

Faith and imagination,
closer than one may expect.
Both ask us to take one small step
toward hope, bringing shape
to an unseen, in-dwelling Love.

Let’s tiptoe toward unmapped territory,
shall we?