Confessions to Imagination

Dear Imagination,
I’m calling out to you,
not with chit chat,
but with soul glitter.
Sending you shimmery waves
of the innermost me
to woo your appearance.

When I do,
there you are,
a rippling current
of truth

Do you mind if I
use your nickname,

(thank you.)

I pass the red thread to you
to tune into your colorful presence.
Your words of buttery rhyme
wash over me, your
silly limericks percolate
an aspect of myself
I forgot to honor.

I’m on my knees
to say, “I’m sorry,” for the way
I buried you in
the deepest corner of
my dusty closet,
a consistent tale of excuses
I created:
– I don’t have time for you,
– my expression of you isn’t good enough,
– maybe even,
– I’m not worthy of you

Remember how you helped me rewrite
the ending of Romeo & Juliet
with teenager lingo or that time
you conjured up a bedroom made
out of oodles of candy?

(so good.)

My favorite though was
when you encouraged me
to pen an honest expression
of my life experience,
possibly the most genuine work
I ever made available
for others to read

a tale I wrote at seventeen to get into
the Honors English program
at the University, only to
have the door shut to my
vulnerable expression,
this, one reason I told myself

“No, Ally, you aren’t a writer.”
and, later,
when I felt my creations failed,
“No, Ally, you aren’t an artist”

falling deep into
dangerous territory, the swamp
where others’ assessment
determined my worth

I’m here to express my gratitude.
Thank you for being there
when I was ready
to greet you again.
Thank you for not giving
up on me. Instead, you do
what you do – come bearing
gifts whose aroma awaken senses
to visualize anew.
You are the one who brings form
to the void, following wild dreams
to unknown territory.

This is the way of the Magi.

You know who you remind me of?
The Spirit – the way
she can’t be contained in one place,
but rather moves in and through
like the wind, blowing wherever
she pleases.

You, like my yellow lab pup,
patiently wait to play,
grateful for my attention,
willing to lick crumbs of love,
not needing me to fall
on my knees, only to
show up and BE.

Again and again, you
pass me the crystal ball
that reflects
— not strange prophecies —
only an image of me,
a creative girl longing
to express, create and
feed others
a bit
of soul food.

Let’s go.

I’m ready
to accept
the reflection
you have for me.

Upcoming Workshops

I’m thrilled to announce some upcoming workshops. Check out what is happening below:

Medicine Basket: A 3-Hour Red Thread Session
Friday, March 1st
9:30am – 12:30 pm

Have you heard? You’re a medicine carrier! It’s true. Come and spend the morning exploring what your personal medicine is and how it can be a balm to yourself and others. In this 3-hour Red Thread Session, we’ll explore our innate gifts and give ourselves permission to claim and celebrate them! During our time together, we’ll begin in a Red Thread Circle, journal, paint and work with the power of personal symbol as we paint our medicine basket! No painting necessary, only a willing heart! Click here for more details and to reserve your seat!

YES! A Red Thread Soulful Affirmation Card Workshop
Saturday, March 2nd • 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

We all have a YES! living deep inside our bones. This is the YES that breathes, “I belong. I’m creative. My gifts matter to the world.” Too often, we allow other messages to infiltrate and block this YES. Join me for a 1-day 6-hour workshop where I’ll guide you to bring to light to the restraining beliefs you carry and work to shift them into sixteen soulful YES! affirmation cards. Our journal, paint and a Red Thread Circle will be companions to guide us on this journey of YES! No painting necessary, only a willing heart! Click here for more details and to reserve your seat!

Cultivator: Transforming Ashes to New Life
Two time commitments available for this experience

Our life is a continuous cycle. We are moving, changing beings who experience goodness and heartache on a regular basis. We are on the mountaintop one moment and are thrust into the valley the next. It’s common for the light of the flame and the demise of the ash to overlap. Too often, we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to allow the flame to warm us when difficult circumstances unfold. At other times, we ignore the ash to remain zeroed in on the joyful flame.

Have you ever wondered:
• What do I do while I wait for change?
• Is there an action I can take on behalf of the ashes of my life?
• How do I tend the heartache and rejoice in the goodness?
• Can I give myself permission to retain joy amid difficult circumstances?
• Is there a way to honor both the inner flame and the ash of affliction?
• Can I choose to cultivate my needs and celebrate the choices I make?

This invitation is for those who desire to explore, honor and integrate the stages of this cycle (commonly referred to as the Life-Death-Life cycle). Together, with inquiry, paint and guided visualization, we’ll call forth our inner Cultivator, the one who tends to both the ash and the flame.

Click here for more information and to reserve your seat.

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