The One Who IN-forms

You and I, informed people,
the news, social media, books, the knowing—
like a drug we can’t give up,
a tap away from our fingertips.

Give us our facts,
our daily bread
to chew on and mull over, until
the taste is gone like day old gum

What if our desire to be informed
was really a longing to be

To have our inner heart space formed anew?

Walk with me for a spell.
Let the hunger for information fall away,
the need to know
— if the Red Sea was literally parted,
— the stats of the latest game,
— each premeditated item on the day’s agenda,
— the latest “talk” in circles of community,
— who clobbered who in the last political rant.


Let it retreat for ten deep long breaths.


Who forms our interior?
Who informs our interior?
Is it the same Source?
How do we actually know what we know
until the outer feedback takes a rest
so we may dwell with the One who IN-forms?

There is a Divine indwelling Spirit in each of us.
One who is looking to cleanse us from information,
who desires to sit with us and smile.
Not to do anything, nor to
accomplish heroic feats of service,
but to be present with us,
for you and I to near the Spring of living water within

When we give ourselves to this
genuine lived experience
our knowing opens in a new way.
We come to know—
this Source is the one
who both forms us
and informs us.


Let us find space
to be with the One who loves us most
so that we may be IN-formed
to spread light to our closest people
and send vibrations
of goodness into the world.

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This poetry and art is inspired by the work I do with Intentional Creativity. Spending time at the canvas in an intentional way allows for the door to the interior to open in surprising ways.