You and the Stars

The stars danced the salsa
the night you were designed —
Aware that they were part of you,
you, a part of them.

The stars glowed bright
when your form came into being —
When you mattered, purely
because you became matter.

The stars shone upon you
as you walked your childhood steps —
Glistened their watchful devotion
despite your fleeting glance.

Those billion year old orbs of flourescent juice
followed your figure as you figured it out —
Gave you direction a blink at a time
for your weary traveling bones.

This very ordinary day

The stars beam pale rays over you,
their constellation of story sings —
Urges you to know your own (story), to
awaken to your shared link.

You and the stars,
connected from the beginning —
Friends forever, the twinkle
cannot be forsaken.

Life Womb:
Mothering Retreat
February 15-17, 2019

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