Fierce Mama

No meek and mild lady,
no pasty, polite socialite —
This one,
a woman after God’s own heart,
brave virgin girl,
clips the string of expectations,
snips the cord of cultural norms,
carves space in the depths of her being—
Falls into a wide open, “YES”,
stretches into wily woman. She
steps toward the one who embraces,
supports her in tender growth.
Together, wombs leap, life sparks.
Now, this one, fire in her belly,
glorifies God amid trial,
stands tall for justice.
She moves to the rhythm of mercy,
the song of the Spirit.
This one, fierce mama,
births brilliance in open air, in
a span of dirt and crumbs.
She and her beloved are
a mysterious, spectacle of love.
Wise woman, ponders wonder
in untouchable spaces.
Blessed Mother,
holds a shield of light,
a child of hope,
calls you and I
to nurse this
infant of grace
in the moonlit night.