5-minute Pocket

A while back, I listened to a podcast with writer, Liz Gilbert, who talked about the importance of the practice of creativity. She encouraged 15-minutes a day of writing even on days packed full. She convinced me that fifteen minutes could drastically alter a person. After that podcast, I committed with stronger Spirit to (at least) 15-minutes a day of creating. Some days for me, it’s writing. Other days, it’s painting or photography.  On days when I lose this rhythm, I notice. In the following poem, I encourage only 5-minutes! 5-minutes is not much, but you’ll be surprised at how much is revealed. As an aside, this piece of art was created in three 5-minute sessions.


You have pockets.
I do too—
shirt pocket
back pocket
zippered pocket
in your bag

Pockets bulged
(yessiree!) with
gum wrappers,
loose string,
old candy
for a rainy day

But, do you have
a five-minute pocket?

This here is the
invisible pocket
asking you
to come with
colored pencils,
ink pens,
loud music
to groove for
three hundred seconds

This here is the
quiet pocket
that doesn’t
on presence
but lulls
with beauty,
a promise of
rest and

This, hear me —
changes a person.
I sense your protest.
Later, you say.
Another day,
another time.
Creating is luxury —
I have too much
on my plate.

Look! A thief
in your midst.

A gizmo that
draws you in—
five times an hour,
at least—
a false necessity
to check weather,
Facebook, sports, news.
Promises connection
but leaves you cold.

Minutes tick. Time fades.
Stolen in a blink.

Five minutes —
to draw, to write, to exercise, to give thanks —
It can’t change much, can it?

Try it. You’ll see.

Exciting News!
Earlier in the year, I posted my story about taking coursework with the Color of Woman School (post here). Tomorrow is the official graduation from this intensive coursework. For the last year, I’ve diligently worked to learn Shiloh Sophia’s 13-step Intentional Creativity® process with the intent to help others discover their inner compass and provide healing through inquiry, paint and a bit of glitter. This process is transformational and has shifted me with each painting I’ve completed. On Monday, November 12th, I’ll be taking down my website for two to three weeks to redesign it with new artwork and information. I look forward to offering workshops for those willing to dive deep and take a risk. No painting skills necessary. Stay tuned!