Wearer of the Crown (That’s You)






Wearer of the crown—

Who, ME?

Yes, you.

No, no, no.
You must be mistaken.
I don’t wear a crown.

Sure, you do.
I see it.

Are you looking at me?

(laughs) Yup, yup. Sure am.
Your crown is beautiful.
Very intricate.



What does it look like?

Oh, honey.
Sure is splendid. Looks like
hundreds of owl feathers waving high,
pearls from the depths of the ocean placed with precision,
flecks of gold woven with mighty care.
And, oh my!
I spot a unicorn hair.

Why can’t I see my crown?

remember that wonderful story
The Polar Express?
Those who believe have
ears to hear?

Well, sweetheart,
your divinity was given to you
before you were formed
in your mother’s womb.
Your holy twinkle
is sure as the ocean tide, there’s
nothing you do can take it away,
but here’s the secret:

when you
open open
to God’s love for you
when you
open open
to the idea that
a crown is your
zesty zenith—

well, then,
you begin
to see
to really see
sacred, delectable
treasures like
tiaras made
with fallen oak leaves,
plump burgundy berries,
washed up shell of abalone
sparkling upon
the heads
of all.

You begin
to know
to really know
all people as
royal daughters,
royal sons,
wearers of crowns
who are
connected to

You’re telling me I need to believe
I wear a crown to see my crown?


Me? Royal? Others? Wildly sacred?

More than you know.
Whether you see a crown or not,
makes no difference,
you remain
loved by God who Loves.

What you’re asking me to believe is preposterous!
I mean, it’s really absurd!
I really need to stretch my comfort zone to believe I don a crown!
even more so to believe other people deserve a crown!

Oh no, it has nothing to do with deserve.
God doesn’t dole out crowns based on merit
or your verbal proclamation of belief.
You receive a crown because of God’s goodness.
Christ freely splashes colorful toppers upon all.

When you open
your heart to receive,
the gates of heaven
open to you here on earth.
For then, your senses open
to the hidden divinity
that shines

in broad daylight.

Breath Prayer
(Inhale) Open me to divine love
(Exhale) Open me to mindfulness