The Gift of the Invisible Instinct


I spy what lies before me —
simple analog clock pesters me with kronos time – tick, tick, tick
fading moon peeks airy consonance from behind a hazy, morning cloud
hot teacup invites me to linger a bit longer before the groove of tasks press

All a reminder of living, here,
in this age of ancient future

Yet, I’m most interested
in the sensing of
invisible ideas
imaginative whimsy
intuitive nudges

This secluded insight takes form
in the white space of silence,
the unspoken sparkle of a fresh encounter,
the dreams that leave an
imprint upon waking.

This cloaked vision comes as
notions that bloom for creative change,
sight for abundance in the midst of devastation,
eyes that spot the surrounding mystery
underwhelmed by the material world

This unseen knowing is
the chasm between you and I,
where nothing is said and
everything revealed—
for better or worse

This invisible instinct
(rarely spoken of)
is a gift of divine portion to all,
waiting to be engaged
by you and I

What does this covert quest ask of us?
Will we hone our sixth sense?
Will we take one small step
toward the sacred secret?

What happens if we stay sleeping?

Breath Prayer:
(Inhale) I sense the visible.
(Exhale) I sense the invisible.

VoiceVoice Breath Prayer
(Inhale) I know hope.
(Exhale) I speak hope.

love circleLoving Breath Prayer:
(Inhale) I receive love.
(Exhale) I give love.


Power Breath Prayer:

(Inhale) I have strength.
(Exhale) I have power.

Creative Awakening

Creativity Breath Prayer:

(Inhale) I am passionate.
(Exhale): I am creative.

Belonging Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I am rooted in love.
(Exhale): I belong to the whole.

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