The World Needs Your (love) Voice


You haven’t taken a vow of silence. But,
you’ve believed there are certain things
better left unsaid.

When you’ve tried to
champion the cause,
spoken the alternate view,
you’ve been met with resistance,
or worse,

You don’t want to ruffle
too many feathers, take a chance on
not pleasing the listener.
It’s only natural that
you’ve wrapped your bruised voice
in burlap and steel wire.
You stick to the
pallid pleasantries of life. (but)

take notice.
this is no time to remain silent.

Those “certain things” you’ve believed are better
left unsaid are the very words we need. The utterance
of healing, hope, encouragement

We don’t need 
anger spewed
more complaint
more hate passed along
more blaming fingers

You are the powerful one
whose words are delicately linked
to your heart. You are the one
who knows a God of love.

Do you hear the question of your spirit?

Your words are asking to have wings.
They desire to take flight.
Who are you to keep them locked down?

I sense your trepidation.
“I don’t want to judge.
Who needs my opinion anyway?”

There is a difference between
judgment and opinion:

Judgment is a negative view of
another’s way of being in the world,
the choices they make, the way they live.

opinion, rather

is your vantage point based
on experience of life.

that’s all. it’s neither right or wrong. simply the way you see it.

but, you know, sometimes our opinions
live in the basement of our soul and
grow a dark, mossy film expressed as
cynicism and the jaded past.

here’s what you need to do:

first, remember
you’re connection with Love. then,
string your opinion
through the eye of a sacred needle,
weave it through your heart
where wings await. then,
stitch each word to a feather of joy
and allow them to flutter
through your voice box.

If we speak our truth
grounded in love,
what do we fear?
that we will be disliked,
spat upon, knocked over?


but, by staying silent
we are the ones who put
ourselves on hot coals, muffle
our enchanted expression to
a lost world.

Can we? Voice bold?
Can we? Bring heart?

Yes. We can.

We must.

Breath Prayer
Inhale: I know hope. Exhale: I speak hope.

love circleLoving Breath Prayer:
(Inhale) I receive love.
(Exhale) I give love.


Power Breath Prayer:

(Inhale) I have strength.
(Exhale) I have power.

Creative Awakening

Creativity Breath Prayer:

(Inhale) I am passionate.
(Exhale): I am creative.

Belonging Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I am rooted in love.
(Exhale): I belong to the whole.


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  2. […] Voice Breath Prayer (Inhale) I know hope. (Exhale) I speak hope. […]

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