Storms, Love & Candy

love circle

The frenzy’s been real.
You can feel the pulse of anxiety
on the roads, in the stores,
the preparation of a town
awaiting the tremendous storm

but, you know

it isn’t IF the storm is coming,
it’s simply a matter of when

Sometimes a life storm
catches us by surprise
and we reel back in shock,
in anger, in despair

and, other times

we have a heads up and
we rip our hair out
while we wait, becoming
gatherers of supplies,
worriers of the utmost.

dear friend,

Could it be that
you and I are the ones
called to be the balm
in the cycle of the storm?

Can we put our finger—
not on the pulse of fever—
but rather the pulse of
our heart?

How do we prepare our
soul for the unavoidable
incoming riff?

Consider this,

the sky tells the story
of beauty and doom,
the animals quiet and
go into hiding

the trees know the power
of strong wind and rain,
the fish surrender to
the mercy of the water.

Signs of the living respond
to the circular flow.

I’m curious,

How do we lean into
bigger Love when
the fragility of breath
is threatened?

How do we take a step
toward blind faith
when the crumbling
is at our fingertips?

How do we believe
in the upswing
when the 
are at our feet?


We move our eyes to
the bigger picture,
the connection of people
checking in on us

the servant hands caring
for those devastated,
the tree limb cutters and
who keep the glass streaming.

When the lights go out,

Let us not dwell upon the
darkness that surrounds us,
but let us keep our
love flame lit.

Let us breathe deep
the love of a Creator
who promises rest
when we are in despair,

“Come to me, all you
who are weary and burdened
and I will give you rest.”

Let us be the comfort
for those we are with,
reaching out, keeping
our laughter, reveling in

the magic of flashlights, the
taste of rainbow candy.

Yes, hang tight to the joy given
and remember

retaining our joy
amid grief is not callous
if bathed in
compassion and care.

As we await landfall of Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas,
your prayers are needed and welcome.

Loving Breath Prayer:
(Inhale): I receive love.
(Exhale): I give love.


Power Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I have strength.
(Exhale): I have power.

Creative Awakening

Creativity Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I am passionate.
(Exhale): I am creative.

Belonging Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I am rooted in love.
(Exhale): I belong to the whole.


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