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Here I am
breath held
exhale weak
halt of flow

without awareness
I zip up
shrink back
suck in

Do you?
ember out
quiet down
lay low

fade to invisible
[shallow breath]

finger snap
spark twinkle glow
rays of light
awaken my vigilance

The practice of
flow is minded
Air within heaves
beautiful rhythm


I witness the promise
of God’s breath, the
very strength of holy
dwelling within

With intention,
I open myself
draw in long and slow
inhale power

Will you?
expand yourself
feel the source
exhale love

abundantly given
[bottomless breath]

you and I connected
to divine fire —
holy verve to breathe our
own kinda awesome

Power Breath Prayer:
(Inhale): I have strength.
(Exhale): I have power.

Creative Awakening

Creativity Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I am passionate.
(Exhale): I am creative.


Belonging Breath Prayer:

(Inhale): I am rooted in love.
(Exhale): I belong to the whole.