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Creative Awakening

Do you feel the tingle?

the stretch of pain and pleasure
leading you toward expansion?

the pressing of what leans you
into the edge of your comfort zone?

the passion of what rises inside and
asks you to please honor her?

the sizzle that warms your form
to spark goodness into the world?

I’ve heard you say,

“Me? No,

I can’t






Yet, you are the one who wakens
each day with a desire for more.

Your body cries out to heed her message
to bend toward space for imagination.

Look outside.

the sun rises again. Calls you to
the adventure of preposterous play

to stir your hands, heart and voice
into a brew of your unique expression. Yes,

the wisdom of your creative bones whirs,
“Yes, I’m real. Will you let me lead?

Will you take a risk?

Will you?”

Creativity Breath Prayer:
(Inhale) I am passionate.
(Exhale) I am creative.

belonginBelonging Breath Prayer:
(Inhale): I am rooted in love.
(Exhale): I belong to the whole.