What does it take to belong?

Lots of pondering on belonging these days in my heart space. Here’s an imagined conversation between me and indwelling Spirit (italics).

Please tell me, what does it take to belong?
To belong? Say more.

Well, must I jump through ten hula hoops blindfolded balancing on one toe?

Some are gifted for the excitement of the circus, but I don’t require such practice.

Do my prayers need to be pressed with perky punctuation through perfect, pursed lips?

I’m not much concerned with perky, perfect or punctuation. Only with genuine expression of your heart space.

If my eyes see rainbow coral reefs of the deep while others focus on the glistening surface, can I still take part?

The shimmers on the veneer are there to lead you to traverse the depths.

Should I know some secret lingo, a language which places me in the inner circle?

I speak all languages. There is no secret lingo necessary with me.

Do I need to take part in loop-de-loop conversations at fancy tables to belong?

Nah. let’s talk about our human stories at any old table.

So, if I focus on expansive beauty and less on practical matters, you are telling me I belong?

Look around. I’m a God of beauty. Beauty is no less important than practical matters.

If beauty is important, must I come with high heels donned and designer bag in hand to be included?
I like sandals myself, but I’ll receive you no matter what you wear.

What if I come with uncomfortable questions because I don’t see it the way of mainstream, then do I belong?

Questions lead to growth. Keep asking.

I don’t always know about the latest happenings. Do I still have a rightful place?

Relax. I know all about the latest happenings. I’m with the lost, sick and broken. When the news comes to you, lean on me and let’s talk. I’m here for all.

Must I serve in the capacity where I’m invited to instead of listening to where my indwelling Spirit guides me?
My vote is for indwelling Spirit. After all, I am her.

Okay. Well, what if my hands and heart are giving to the cause my Spirit is compelled by while another cause is lifted as the important one, do I still belong?

There are millions of noble needs in the world. I set a special desire in your heart for the ones you are to give to. The important piece is to give.

What if that cause leads me to follow a different path to a mysterious place that is difficult to explain?
My ways are mysterious. Keep your eyes on me. I am with you.

What if I make mistakes, bungle things up, then do I belong?

How will you need me if you don’t make mistakes?

What if along the way I’ve stacked up bricks, building a safety wall around myself to keep others at bay, then do I belong?

Your bricks are a reminder you are human. My presence will help you to take them down one by one so you can connect.

On days when I feel invisible, I wonder, does my unseen being belong?

With me, both the seen and unseen belong.

When I say, “Do I belong?” what I mean is, “Am I loved for all my consistent inconsistencies?”

Dear one,
You belong. Not for what you do. Or where you serve. Or specific words you speak. You belong because you are beautifully and wonderfully made. I placed you here on purpose for a purpose. Continue to listen in, to lean in. Trust the love that flows from the heavens for you. Trust the invisible force of Spirit working on your behalf. You do not know what I know. Stay in your lane with your eyes on me. You don’t need to explain yourself away. People may not understand you. But I do. Keep going. Keep adding your unique spark. Your medicine. Continue to take bricks down, one by one, with my help. As you do, let your words be love. Let your actions be love. And when you bungle it up, I will catch your fall. And yes, you are loved for all your consistent inconsistencies. I am with you.


A breath prayer practice for you:
(Inhale): I am rooted in love.
(Exhale): I belong to the whole.

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