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Oh you,
the generous one
with the evermore
desire to share.

From the time your little fingers
touched your first set of blocks,
you were told to share.

Sharing is good.
Sharing is holy.
Sharing is love.

Afterall, you never asked for life,
yet, here you are,
receiver of a precious gift
given by a loving God.

You, the dutiful one
have tried your best to
pass on the love.

Today, with eyes open,
you see how culture is
twisting the very core of
what it means to share.

At one time, to share was
to portion and give love, as
Christ taught with loaves and fishes,
no concern for personal gain.

Now, a breeze has blown in
to encourage you to share
treasured bits of your life
in exchange for “likes.”

This is a gentle reminder:
you do not need to share
the most precious gems
of your sunlit day.

You can keep some sacred for yourself.

It’s good to
visit a new town,
enjoy the scenery
take some photos
and keep them
for yourself.

It’s good to
be with friends,
drink some wine,
laugh heartily
and keep it
for yourselves.

It’s good to
your child on a date
celebrate her being
share a secret
and keep it
between you two.

To hold
these moments close,
keep this sacred joy
for yourself is to
nurture your being.
To remember
you are already loved.

See what happens when
you don’t share a gem and
allow the experience
to ferment, bubble, brew
into beautiful abundance.

By keeping some sacred
for ourselves, we fill.
We free ourselves from
exterior affirmation.
We free ourselves to
enjoy the adventure of now.

Inevitably, when we do
find ourselves sharing,
(ideas, perspectives,
treasured aspects of our life)
with our many friends,
our motive is love,
released from the chains
of “like”.

Sharing is good.
Sharing is holy.
Sharing is love.

Let us keep some love for ourselves.
Let us share some love with others.
Let us BE with the one we are with.