While You Wait


girl of the ocean,
swimmer of the sea,
washed up ashore
displaced amid her honesty.
And, now —
you, the ever curious one,
“What do I do
while I wait?”

Well, dear one,
as the dry air rushes past,
nearly knocking you down,
let the tears fall
and nourish what you hold.

holder of life,
keeper of the flame,
bearer of sparks,
whatever you do —
don’t rush it.

Allow the space
of emptiness hold you.
Listen. Hear that?
A lullaby from
your inner Spirit
whooshing you to sleep—
dreams and visions
laid on your heart.

What you don’t see
are the invisible threads
strung together,
cords of love weaving you
into a greater story,
a story you may
never understand.

While you wait,
please know (know)
there is one
on bended knee
holding your hand
wiping your tears.
She is for you.
You are not alone.


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