She. is. becoming.

I have quite a few friends these days who are taking brave risks in their lives. I’m amazed by the way these fellow kindred souls are challenging the status quo, saying yes to the daring and keeping their hearts open to where the Spirit is flowing in their life. This poem is dedicated to those of you who are taking one small step toward your becoming. Cheers to you and your courage!





She’s not finished yet. No,
she still has loads of color to splash around.
A palette of rainbow
to fling toward the universe.

She has unique words to whirl
into the purple galaxy.
A bag of letters
to share with those who seek.

You may not see her
much these days —
don’t you know
caterpillars need time
to morph into a brilliant being?




She moves to the drumbeat of the soul
sways her hips to the rhythm of spirit.
Where it takes her — who can tell?

She listens not with her brain
but the whole of her being:
heart, gut, mind, tingles in her fingers.

Her intention is sharp and shiny as a battle sword.
Her love is fierce and gentle as a mother wolf.
Her eyes are out for beauty yet fall short at times.




She flows to where the genuine grows.
Her ways don’t make sense to most.
Why would they?
None have spent time in her life the way she has.
They don’t know the blaze in her bones.
The spark that set her off.




What is she becoming?

and ain’t that a most beautiful sight.


  1. Sue Hudson

    Thank you Ally! What a gift to receive this morning!

    Perhaps we should have t-shirts made for all of us women with that beautiful image! I love it!


    1. T-shirts would be awesome! And of course you are one of the girls thought of in this post : )


    The most beautiful sight….love it!

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    1. Sheila Van Dyke

      I love this! The art says it all first… Ah…the possibilities…even for an OLD lady…
      the spirit is willing!

      1. Thank you Sheila! Yes, the Spirit is willing!

  3. Julia Brokmeyer

    ❤️❤️❤️ this!!!

    1. Thank you friend!!!

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