How is Spirit nudging you to shift?

Wisdom path

Wisdom’s Call based on Proverbs 8:1-2

How do changes happen?
Sometimes, we’re swept into them and they overcome us with fury.
Other times, we come open handed, asking, ready to receive the shift. Yet,
I’m interested in the change that happens slow as honey.
The one where seeds are sown.
Patiently, in small increments, tiny, invisible shifts occur.

There’s a good chance you may not even be aware it’s happening. Yet,
have you ever noticed when the same theme keeps popping up in your life?
Or when a situation has delighted and you think,
“I need more of that!”
Or a time when you’ve had a particularly strong, adverse reaction
to something or someone? Your “idontwanna” resistance rears her head?

Yes, these are all differing types of seeds in our life.
They give us opportunity—
to engage. to shift perspective.
an invitation. to curiosity.
a spark. to see wider, more expansive.
Here is where Spirit is ready to flow you, grow you.
what will you do?
will you take one step forward toward the shift or
stay where you are?

Stepping forward is always the difficult choice.
Your comfort zone is stretched.
Old beliefs are left behind to pick up new ideas and beliefs.
As Spirit leads, you’re new views challenge your people circles
(those groups you’ve clung to). All this, totally normal.

Today, I’m sharing a personal poem about a slow-as-honey shift that has taken place over the last several years for me. Not surprisingly, it began with resistance…

I was in my comfort zone,
my ears open on an ordinary Sunday
in the crevices of a gathering to hear
a term (seed), that was daresay—


I could NOT get on board
with this new verbiage (seed).
I was of tradition. the rules.
being good. the Word.
this felt — 


I couldn’t get this precocious puppy (seed),
this single phrase off my mind. It
followed me, yanked at my heels.
I shooed its’ nips. I resisted.
“Go away”, I muttered.


In the whizzing way of the Spirit,
some dear, respected friends
spoke of this two word name
with ease and pleasure (seed).
“Hmph,” I puzzled.
My resistance lessened.


I (hesitantly) grabbed some books (seed).
I read and read. the floodgates opened.
I was astounded. There was no turning back.
In my bones, I remembered her.
I clearly saw her goodness.
I couldn’t resist her.


the Sacred Feminine,
calling me back. She
wrapped her arms around me
and whispered, “It’s all going to be okay.”
I had a million questions.

mother God.

She, a treasure waiting to be found in Scripture
She, known as ruah,
the feminine Spirit breezing through the Old Testament.
She, named Wisdom,
the one who beckons toward the good road.
She, Sophia,
the one whose wise path is a mystery.

Once I
spent time
received her,
I couldn’t deny
her presence.

She is tender, compassionate Mother Hen.
She is womb who births light from darkness.
She is a fierce voice for justice and truth.
She dances with
but she has her own way
blowing her Spirit seed
for those who
have fertile ground.

There are days I want to
deny that I know her.
It’s easier.
I don’t mention the terms
Sacred Feminine
Mother God
in polite company.
It makes most —
Even most churches keep her on the down low.
It’s not that I’ve replaced
God the Father. No, no.
In no way do I deny the
masculine of God.
It’s simply that now, I welcome
the feminine too. both/and
For me, it is
a groove, a pulse, a rhythm.

The way I’m being
challenged to stretch most likely
isn’t the way you are. But,
I tell you all this
because Spirit is ALIVE
pulling people
in a variety of directions
to grow and challenge
the concept of
who God is.
who God welcomes.
who God loves.

If you are
asking questions,
being dared to take a stand,
feeling odd,
you may want
your comfort back.
your complacent life.
your old belief.
I encourage you to keep going.
Look for the seeds.
Notice your resistance.
Is Spirit inviting you to open to something bigger?
Say yes.
the Spirit of God
is taking you
to new, exciting places.
You are not alone.

If you are feeling a tug toward knowing a bit more about the Sacred Feminine,
I recommend these books:

Dance of the Dissident Daughter: A Woman’s Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine by Sue Monk Kidd

Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women by Sarah Bessey

If you are looking to expand names you have for God,  consider following my friend, Ellen, on Instagram. She uses old church bulletins to create beautiful art mandalas. Currently, she is working through 100 names for God.



  1. Often when I am preaching and teaching She arises when I speak of the Spirit ❤️ David M Bailey’s song “The First Breakfast” is a fascinating look at the Trinity!

    1. Michael… I’m so happy to hear you say that! I went to a service a few weeks ago where the priest spoke of Mother God and I was blown away. Always powerful to hear about her from the pulpit. I’ll definitely check out the song you mention! Thanks!

  2. How reaffirming, How beautiful.

    1. Grateful it resonated for you Char!

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