Awakening! Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends! Thank you for journeying with me through this Lenten season with the seven daily pauses. Enjoy today and all the blessings it holds!


The kingdom of heaven 
is at hand!

Mercy and grace,
it’s true!

Today is about Jesus, and
it’s about more than Jesus.

You see, friend,
today is about
the resurrection 
of Christ

 today is about
your resurrection 
in Christ

Mercy and grace,
it’s true!

The stone of your heart
has been rolled away,

Can you feel it?

No more waiting
for a better day to come along

No more waiting
until all your chores are done

No more waiting
for someone special to invite you

The kingdom of heaven
is at hand,

Mercy and grace,
it’s true!

Come along, friend

Step into the kingdom

Say yes to








Say yes to it all
and the resurrected life
will no longer be
a once a year story
you hear in church
on Easter morning.

The resurrected life
will become your story.

Mercy and grace,
it’s true!

There is evening
and there is morning
And God sees
(the whole blessed thing)
is good.


Lenten Series 2018:

6am: Awaken Awaken

9am: Blessings Abound

12pm: Mid-Day Peace

3pm: All Shall Be Well

6pm: Twilight Reflection

9pm: Silence Swells

Midnight: Vigil



    Amen, indeed! Love you Ally😘

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    1. Thanks mom!

  2. Beautiful.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you so much : )

      1. Thank you for writing, Ally!

  3. Penny ODonnell

    Happy Easter Ally.

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    1. Thanks Penny! I hope you had a lovely Easter day.

  4. Marsae Stone

    Thank you Ally, beautiful messageh on Easter. Thing about you and praying for while you are in New York. Safe travels home! Love, Marsae

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    1. Thanks Marsae! Hope you had a wonderful day. XO

  5. Luna Luna

    Dear Ally,

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    I read the poem you wrote and it’s filled with feelings and callings. Very inspiring!

    I pray you are well!



    1. Thank you so much Luna! Same to you. I hope you had a beautiful day : )

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