9pm Silence Swells (Holy Thursday)

I continue my focus on the monastic practice of seven daily pauses. Tonight, we pause for Holy Thursday. Last week, we rested at the Twilight Hour (6pm). This week, we break at 9pm, (Compline; the Great Silence). A wonderful book greatly aiding me through this series is Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr.

9pm Silence

One by one,
footsteps fall away,
voices once vibrant
now faded breath.
prayer, all
sacred imprints
of presence,
most significant
for the awake soul.

Now, the table is quiet.

You remember,
how, at the meal,
you placed the small
white manna to your lips —
bland yet holy,
sacred cup sipped —
warm and full bodied.
This, a mindful pause
where you thanked —
gratitude, your
daily bread.

Another memory hovers,
where you rushed past pausing,
fleeting to get dinner made
to arrive to church on time.

Now you see
how darkness and light
are woven together each day —
both, the integration of a soul.

This is okay.
Good, even.
Now, evening offers you her rest,
silence swells.

Darkness awaits to envelop
you with mystery and love,
a pale moon glow there
to ease you into dreams.

No need to fear the darkness,
Christ has overcome it.
Go ahead.
Let the veil fall upon you.

Rest in peaceful slumber.

Lenten Series 2018:

6am: Awaken Awaken

9am: Blessings Abound

12pm: Mid-Day Peace

3pm: All Shall Be Well

6pm: Twilight Reflection




  1. Gerard Ridzon

    Ordered the book and loving it

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    1. So happy you ordered the book and are enjoying it! I’ve had it for s while and live my copy!

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