9am: Blessings Abound (A Lenten Pause)

This season of Lent, I am focusing on the monastic practice of seven daily pauses. Each week, I offer you a poem and piece of gradually changing art for each pause. Last week, we rested at the Awakening Hour (6am). This week, we break at 9am, the Blessing Hour. A wonderful book greatly aiding me through this series is Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr.

blessing hour

For a long time,
I had my head down,
my hands busy,
going about my business.

I have Work to do.

Serious Work (capital W).


Important Meetings (capital M).

Ugh! If only I could catch up.

But, one day,
I caught myself. Yes,
I noticed
this head down approach,
hands closed
getting to where I was going,
grinding away at my business,
very serious business,
checking items off my list.

I knew there was something

Who am I
to take this day
and squeeze
the succulence
from it?

An interesting thing happens when you are brave enough to ask questions.

Slowly, like
fog lifting off a lake,
I remembered.
I remembered
my lineage
back to
a good God,
a God of love
a God of relationship
a God of Sabbath, yes
a God of

So, I began to rest.
Yes, rest.
Right there.
At 9am.
When the day has only just begun.
I wondered,
What will this day bring?
What surprise is on its way?
What magic will happen?

I looked up and noticed
this day made of
clean water and foaming soap,
warm coffee with frothed milk,
“good mornings” and squishy hugs.

I opened my hands
and welcomed the blessings
this hour brings —
a soft lit sun,
sleepy dog,
happy text from H,
red cardinal
outside my window.

My checklist became a little
less important to complete.
Meetings were held
a bit lighter, brighter.

I picked up my pen.
Wrote a story.
Grabbed my paintbrush.
Made a stroke.

I proclaimed
this pixie dust hour
Very good.

Deep breath.
Unexpected smile.
Total revelation.

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  1. maryheitzie@gmail.com

    Beautiful, just like you😘

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  2. Joan Prost

    Thank you for helping me think!

  3. That’s reall spectacular!

  4. Just LOVELY! Ahhhhh! 🌺

    1. Pat Marshburn

      So refreshing!❤️

  5. Kristen Rietkerk

    yes, we worship a God of abundance…hands open, palms up. Show me Lord.

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