Your Left Brain Needs a Rest.



You set your alarm clock 
like a good girl, boy,
rise to the ding of the bell,
the song of the celeb,
shuffle your feet to 
shower, shave, dress —
duty the call for your day.
You feed your kids, your cat, yourself – breakfast –
ready to tackle what arises.

You email a teacher,
call the doctor,
make a grocery list.
You pay a few bills,
text a friend, eat some lunch.
Attend some meetings.
the time of your next meeting,
the vacation you’ll take soon,
the milk 
to add to your grocery list.

You come home from work,
chew dinner mindlessly,
ask close-ended questions like,
“How are you? How was school?”
You look at the weather for tomorrow,
read the news and attempt to
logically figure out how all the
problems of the world can be solved.
You turn on the TV.
You settle in for a long night
of hum drum.

But wait…
you see that key over there —
the one on the floor,
on the rug,
at your doorstep?


Pick it up,
with your left hand,
give it a turn.


What is that sensation?
The one shivering down your arm, your spine?

This tingle desires to burst into life as a song.
You’re out of tune? It’s okay.
Belt it (anyway).


This buzz desires to dance to Bruno Mars.
You have no rhythm? It’s okay.
Get your groove on (anyway).

This stirring desires to pick up a pen and doodle.
You can’t draw. It’s okay.
Draw some lines and circles (anyway).


This flow desires to ask curious questions, like
“Where is your passion? Who are you called to serve?”
Scared to ask? Take the risk and ask them (anyway).

This zest desires to stop planning, arranging, being busy.
You don’t know how?
Begin with five minutes of sitting with no agenda (anyway).

This whir desires to listen within and follow intuition.
All you hear is noise?
Keep practicing (anyway). The noise will fade away.

Yes, this key is the link to
your creative side,
the impractical nature,
the playful soul,
the one who is a twist away
to revive
your ordinary day,
to give you new eyes to see,
to turn life into adventure.
Your left brain has been a wonderful servant.
But, really. He needs a rest.
So go ahead, pick up the key,
place it in the lock.
Now, give it a turn and
unlock, unhinge, fly free
all your creative possibilities.


When you do, I’ll know.
Your roar will resound.



    Wow, nice!

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  2. Roger Simmons

    Thanks for the playful, but well directed and received reminder. Worth giving it a daily try.

  3. Sonja Brewton

    Love This. Confirms inner stirrings I’ve had. Thank you

    1. Thanks Sonja!

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