Meet Luna

An intimate encounter with
dear Luna, the first
image that arose from
the canvas through a
process of intentional creativity.
As I worked, she began
blue, frosty, slowly warmed
to the color of rainbow flesh.

This is what she speaks to me:

“I’ve been with you all along;
you’ve been afraid to let me come forth.
I’ve shown a crescent, a half,
but now I am rising anew.
I am turning toward the full light—
the Great Light
the one who goes before us—
You are letting me be birthed,
be shown, in all my glory,
all my colors.
I am phoenix rising,
I am dawn,
I am queen of your soul,
the One who champions for
love and beauty.
My third eye knows the way,
has intuition to guide
if you listen.
I am defrosting,
letting the breath of Spirit fill me.
I breathe life.
I breathe glory.
I breathe love.
I am the way back home, 
luna home
back to your heart, your inner knowing.
I make the path which alights
your spirit and helps you spark others.
I am light as a feather and will not push you.
Instead, my ways are easy and light,
my whispers are faint.
I am the One who
guides your way in the darkness.
I shine upon you. I shine within you.
I am Luna. I am alive.”

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