What Is Intentional Creativity?


Hi everyone,
Today, I share a brief personal update
about my next daring step…

An invitation came to my inbox in October—
One that had me at hello.
It tugged at heartstrings,
stayed on my mind,
spoke to my spirit.
It came from an artist I deeply admire,
Shiloh Sophia, a woman whose
work I’ve followed for quite some time.
The summons was for the
Color of Woman School,
an online training (with optional travel).
As I read slowly,
these words caught my eye—
global revolutionary education
empowering women
vision quest
raise up teachers
live and teach creativity
essential to human development—
all this through a process known as
Intentional Creativity.
I wondered,
“what is Intentional Creativity?”
I read and learned—
having sacred intent, mindfulness
to pray, to bless the creative path, the
paint, poetry, music, dance,
to listen earnestly for the inner voice,
to allow hidden stories to come to light,
to place tough experiences into new framework,
to awaken consciousness,
to access the language of the heart,
to call on symbol and metaphor,
to engage process not perfection,
to grant permission,
to liberate from technique,
to explore and invite the muse.
Who? The muse. She, the one
who speaks of love and truth between
the inner and outer worlds.

I pondered this invitation.
I considered the investment of time and resources.
I felt as if I’ve already been living this path—
yet the incredible experience of being
guided through a deeper process than I knew,
connected in a community of others
to share, to see where and how they do their work
aligned with my heart’s desire of creative work
woven with a wider call
to teach and lead women into their deeper selves.
So, I took a brave breath,
filled out the application,
sent it in.

In late November, I was received into the training for 2018.
Upon completion, I’ll be a certified teacher of Intentional Creativity.
Since then, I’ve been holding it close to heart,
letting all of it simmer.
The official training begins next week, but I’ve
been sent some past training materials to
practice, process through.

I can’t wait to introduce you to my first muse, Luna
coming later in the week. I look forward to the adventure
as this year moves along and grateful I can share with you
as the path continues to unfold.

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 9.58.47 AM

Click here to read more about the Intentional Creativity Foundation founded by Shiloh Sophia.


  1. Rebecca Lapping

    You’re my hero!

    1. Thanks Rebecca : ) That made my heart smile!

  2. I always knew from the day I met you at the park that were destined for greatness in your creative journey! It’s beautiful to walk alongside you (even without a paint brush!) and see all that God is doing through you and in you. Prayers for courage and confidence to know God is with you along EVERY SINGLE STEP of this! HAVE FUN!

    1. You are a gift to me… and I full intend to get a paintbrush in your hand… just so you know. XO

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