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Hi friends! In creating the poem below, I had a strong visual come to mind that led me to make this 3-minute video on the ritual of saying goodbye. It pairs with the poem. Enjoy and blessings on your continued journey to welcome the new year! Peace, Ally


I stood on the doorstep
peered out, squinted strenuous
awaiting the arrival of you.

Time passed
staring at the clouds,
counting cracks,
wishing you were here

The time grew close,
I felt the pulse of your arrival near.
This is when I took the
wisps of two thousand seventeen,
the weight of three hundred sixty five days,
the black char of difficult conversations,
the golden delight of open doorways
and placed it all together,
wrapped it in fabric,
tied it with a bow.
I thanked the past year
for her service and placed her
on the altar of life
knowing she will continue 
to teach me.

And now, here you are.
Welcome reverent new year,
you sweet precious babe.
Your fresh skin,
the smell 
of honey laced goodness,
warm cinnamon roasting on the stove.
Your possibilities
brimming with mercy and glitter.
Oh sure,
I know you aren’t perfect.
You’ll bring sleepless nights,
tears at times.
Your challenge is change, a
constant flow of goodbyes
and hellos; you, slowly chiseling
my furious reaction 
to gentle response.
In your imperfection,
I’ll find the vulnerability
you hold close and
I’ll loudly proclaim
“You are good!
You are all mine.”

For now,
let me cherish you,
rock you for a while
and dwell on the dream
of the dance of
you and I.