Open Hands, Beloved

Closed Hands layers

Dear one,
I see you with your
hands clenched tight,
eyes twisted in agony,
the divine squeezed
to the 
size of a mustard seed,
nearly unable to breathe,
knotted up in
past confusion and
future uncertainty.
holding tight to the
reigns of control,
to they way things
should be, oughta be.
But, dear one
(and I say this gently,
with love) —
nothing can ever,
be received
with hands shut.

So then, beloved,
feel the mustard seed
of divinity in your hands?
The golden bit
of goodness flowing
through your being?
This is the warmth
of the sacred,
knit within you.
It’s okay,
go ahead and hold
it for a while.
Feel its’ form,
feel its’ love.
When the time is right
(and you’ll know when it is),
allow your fingers to
break open.
Open Hands 2

When you do,
a great release
of breath and tension
will overflow, then,
all at once,
holy magic
replace uncertainty,
a brilliant shower
of luminescence
received and given

This light,
flowing into you,
bursting from you,
naturally sprinkling
the world with
your unique love
only you provide.

All that is needed
is to let go and
open hands, beloved.
I believe in you.

My prayer for you this day is that you open your hands and let go of whatever you are clinging to, controlling. In turn, may you be filled with the light and peace of Christ. Amen.

Body Prayer:
Stand firmly grounded. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Now, shift your body into a position of clinging, control. Trust your intuition. Hold this pose for 15 seconds. Now, shift your body to a position of release, of letting go. Hold this pose for 15 seconds. Now, go back and forth between these two positions several times. Notice what wisdom your body gives you about control and release. (Credit for this prayer given to Jane Vennard, author of A Praying Congregation)

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  1. The Pattersons

    Ally, we needed this today and frankly, almost everyday. I will be sharing this with Logan tonight. Thank you!

    1. Truly grateful it is helpful! Work of the Spirit 💗 much love my friend.

  2. This is beautiful, thank you.


    Karen Fisher

    1. Thanks Karen! I hope you are doing well!

  3. […] one day, I caught myself. Yes, I noticed this head down approach, hands closed getting to where I was going, grinding away at my business, very serious business, checking items […]

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