Oh Mary! Oh Martha!

Just ask my close friends, they’ll tell you of my wrestling match with Mary and Martha. I have a bit of irritation with both of these holy ladies and I couldn’t resist diving in to dwell upon the truth they have to teach me (us)! So, here’s a poetry offering and a fun piece of flippable artwork in the style of icon art… ready to flip depending on who you resonate with for the day. Selling this as a 5×7 print for $10 over here!

martha mary

Oh Mary,
how I resist you —
your negation of physical labor,
your Godly devotion beyond human approval,
your “teacher’s favorite” status
by simply being humble you
*oh sigh*

Oh Mary,
how I love you —
your stillness amid chaos,
your posture of listening,
your ability to sit and gain wisdom
at the feet of Jesus
*oh my!*

martha mary 2

Oh Martha,
how I resist you —
your distracted glance at party preparations,
your finger-pointing at little sis’ seat,
your anxiety and irritation
over first-world problems
*oh sigh*

Oh Martha,
how I love you —
your welcoming hospitality,
your persistence to serve,
your faithful desire to “get it right”
for the entrance of Jesus
*oh my!*

Oh Mary! Oh Martha!
how your lives resonate with mine.
Teach me the rhythm of
action and contemplation —
a time to sit,
a time to serve.
Show me how to live
amid the tug-of-war
of “do” and “be.”
Guide me to receive
Jesus with open arms.
He, the divine, who comes
my way daily, giddy
to spend time with me.

Soul Reads Update: I’ve recently changed my page Soul Reads to include five recent reads in the categories of Faith and Art, Poetry, Church Culture, Personal Growth and Children & Youth. Under each category is the title, author and and a short description of each book. If you are interested, check it out here!




  1. Lee Ann Graham

    Love, love, love as I always do anything you write or create on a canvas my friend. You always leave me in awe what you can do with a pen, pencil, paint, etc. Yes, I know your struggle with Mary and Martha 🙂 Also, J and I might check out Loser and read together. Sounds like a good one. Thank you for the suggestion.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement friend! And, Yes… Loser is a good one… we have a copy if you want to borrow!

  2. Charlene Popson

    I was so glad to see you poem. I have always felt conflicted about the 2 sides the women represent. I feel like Martha and want to be Mary. Thanks for voicing my thoughts.

    1. Thanks Char! Yes, Martha and Mary have always created inner conflict for me. Glad my words resonated for you!

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