This Too Shall Pass


You’ve heard it said,
“This too shall pass,”
yet, you and I know
the waiting isn’t easy.
In the waiting,
it seems the other side
is Neverland,
an invisible entity,
the great Beyond,
But —
before you
lay your head down
letting despair
have its’ way,
go, grab your hammer,
the tool that fit
your grandfather’s hand,
passed down to you
with love.
Use it to pound the nails
into each plank,
carefully, one by one —
when your mind wanders
to boredom, to worry,
come back
to the task at hand.
Rap, rap, rap.
Keep going.
Before long, you’ll see
your creation,
a bridge, leading you
across the impasse
to new territory.
When you glance back,
no worries, you won’t
turn into a pillar of salt.
Instead, you’ll see a speckle of light
cascading slivers through leaves.
You’ll remember a community of
believers who’ve been there too,
who’ve waited.
They’ll remind you
of the Great Bridge Builder
himself, Jesus, the One
whose been with you
(in the waiting)
all along.
All this goodness
gives you courage
to confidently
step forward
into your now.

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  1. Sonja Brewton

    A great meditation for the situation I find myself in right now. thank you

  2. This is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Jodi! : )

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