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hush now

Silence is praise to you
Zion Dwelling God,
And also obedience.
You hear the prayer
in it all.
Psalm 65:1

(hush now.) be still.
Don’t fret — this isn’t a naughty time out,
a stern mom directive to seal your lips

(hush now.) calm your spirit.
No worries — this isn’t an eyebrow-raised rebuke,
a disapproving teacher shushing a chatty you

(hush now.) come in.
Breathe deep — this is an invitation
by a soul-loving God welcoming you

To carry yourself quiet
in small steps and long strides,
with forkfuls of food and sips of tea

To settle into silence as a steady rhythm
and inhale what lies before your eyes:
coworkers, clouds, children

To close your lips gently
and listen to those around you:
worries of the day, dreams of the future

To receive your very life as a precious gift
to hear your inner stirrings,
notice each without judgement

These — your deepest prayers —
lift each and every one (with a hush)
to the One who already knows.