Breathable Space

Soul Space


The soul, the soul —
she must be wooed
to come out of hiding,
to come out from
her secret space.
She will suffocate
under the weight of
perfection, crass demands to
keep up, do better,
try harder.

The soul, the soul —
she must be wooed
by spans of breath
to enter into a
space of discovery.
She will bloom
beautiful as she
tries and fails,
discovers anew,
plays for the fun of it.

The soul, the soul —
are you ready to meet her?
Consider the
spaces you’ve been in,
the ones buzzing
with life, ones where
black and white answers
fall to the wayside,
where failure is possible
where curiosity is sparked —

Yes! This —
this is the adventure
you must embark on.
It’s not for the faint of heart.
It’s a fierce individual who
is brave enough to
expand their comfort zone,
walk beyond their fear,
take play seriously.
But, I know you. And —

I know you can do it.

The physical space around us aids the health of our soul. Take a minute to look around you — consider if what and who you surround yourself with sparks you with life. Your home is a sacred space. It’s important to take the time and effort to encircle yourself with things you love; this can be a beginning place to spark a new discovery.

Check out this book:
Sacred Space by Denise Linn

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  1. Joan Prost

    So many things you say touch me and I love the drawings, but this one is special to me. Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent. It’s beautiful.

    1. Joan, Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m grateful you’ve been impacted by by art/words. Your affirmation helps to spur me on!

  2. oh those beautiful colorful circles. love!

    1. Oh, friend! You know how much I love those circles!

  3. […] The difficult action (without fail) is not being swept away by busyness, but to pause and “be”, to say “yes” to space. […]

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