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Hi friends… It’s about the time of year I like to take a Sabbath from blogging each week. I plan to have a restful July and come back in early August. This break gives me time to enjoy my kiddos on their summer break, take vacation AND listen for exciting, new, inner stirrings. Thanks for sticking with me as I explore faith, poetry and art in creative ways. One exciting development is that beginning in August I will have a few of my prints for sale on Etsy. I’ll let you know when my shop is open! Until then, here is my July offering to you entitled, “Spirit of Summertime.”

Sand Sea Sun

Summertime hot
Does my steam alarm you?
Come near to me—
My heat was made to
warm you from within.

Summertime loud
Boom, boom—da—boom
Does my sound upset you?
Don’t be afraid—
My jazz was designed to
infiltrate your core.

Summertime chill
Does my easy, breezy wind bother?
Welcome me in—
My breath was created to
help your outlook expand.

Summertime sparkle
Glitter, glitter—pop
Does my gleam blind you?
Fix your eyes on me—
My glimmer winks to
set your path aglow.

Summertime risk
Wham, bam, thank you—
Does my edginess scare you?
Listen to my voice—
My ideas are sent to
dwell upon and transpire.

Summertime love
Does my acceptance irk?
Follow me—
My grace is a gift for you
to receive and give away.

Come. Don’t fret. Welcome.
Look here. Listen. Abide.
Why not let yourself be soaked
by a splash of summertime spirit?
I’ll refresh you every day
in a shower of abundance.