Coming Back to Center (Pt. 1)

A painting I created for my front entrance.

Did I ever tell you I’m magnetized by circles? It’s not that I even realized my attraction to circles until one day, I told my friend, Harmony, I picked a rug out with circles, and she laughed. She followed up with something along the lines of “I’m not surprised. You have circles everywhere in your house.” I do?

It got me thinking back to an art project I did in college. I created a video of all types of objects that are, you guessed it — circular. Centered on the screen, it flipped from bottle tops to coasters, from stickers to candle tops. The main thing I remember is the critique where my peers responded how it would’ve been more interesting if I had created movement of the circles as each image flipped. I considered this as decent feedback, however, I found it profoundly more accurate to keep the center of the circles on the center of the screen.

In the book, Sacred Space, author Denise Linn shares about the importance of symbols in the home and the energy they create (pp. 139-140). She states about circles:

“The circle is one of the most potent symbols. It represents eternity, completion, unity, the universe, wholeness, perfection and the Great Mystery. All of Native American culture revolved around the circle. This was because their conception of life was circular, rather than linear. The Power of the World always goes in circles. The great round sun rises and sets in an enormous circle, as does the moon. The power of the people comes from the sacred hoop of life which represents birth, death and rebirth.”

A gift given to me by friends upon completion of a leadership role.

After reading this, it was no surprise to me that I love circles so much. They represent the cycle of life.They represent wholeness. They represent goodness and unity. This is one of my main views of God, as the one who brings completion. For me, God IS the center. God is the One who is calling all of us back. God is placed at the center of our core AND at the center of the universe. Amazing.

When I experience life as chaos, I know I am far from center. Far from God. It takes me pausing, breathing deep and coming back to center. Back to the place of love. One of the things that helps me return is a short breath prayer. In Eastern religion, they may use the word mantra. Sometimes, my breath prayer is the Hebrew name for God, Yahweh. “Yah. (inhale) Weh. (exhale)” Sometimes, I use the Jesus prayer, “Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner.” Sometimes, I attempt the Welcoming Prayer.

A wrap given to me by Harmony

Lately, my breath prayer is a bit longer, but I find myself needing it. It came to me after I read a few pages (p.71-78) about worry, judgment, and not giving our pearls to pigs in Rob Bell’s new book about the Bible (simply transforming read, BTW)… it goes like this:

Jesus, I entrust myself to your loving care.
Jesus, I entrust others to your loving care.
Jesus, I entrust events and circumstances to your loving care.
Help me embrace this moment as it is.

I find myself saying this a lot these days. I’m not sure what helps you come back to center. Maybe a single word. Maybe a single sentence. Whatever it is, may it bless you and bring you back to the heart of God, the centerpoint of unmerited grace.

What symbols are you attracted to? Have you noticed? In your coming weeks, notice if you spot a similar shape or symbol you are attracted to. Google search its meaning. You may be surprised by what you find!

A handmade triangular pottery piece with spirals given to me by my parents.
Close up of a rug in my home.
Different rug. Different circle.











  1. Wow! Who would’ve thought a circle is so meaningful and precious! Thanks, Ally! ❤️

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