A Landing Spot for Ideas.



There I was
folding my laundry,
in the quiet crevices
of a quite ordinary day,
when, WHOOSH —
she found me again.

a wonderfully whimsical idea,
looking for a place to land.
I can’t tell you
where she came from,
only that

I welcomed her. Then,
she landed on me gently,
like a cool drop of water
out of seemingly nowhere,
refreshing and surprising
all at once.

Soon enough, she
wrapped me with
ribbons of rainbows,
strange stirrings,
quirky questions,
intriguing imaginings.

She led me outdoors
to where the water lives
and motioned, “Don’t be afraid,
dip your hands in. Your arms too!
Yes! All the way to the bottom,
see what you find.”

The whatifs crept in:
Whatif I find something I’d rather not?
Whatif the something I find leads to change?

Whatif this change challenges the status quo?

Whatif status quo resists who I become?
Whatif I fail at the whole thing?

She, quietly stood,
her silent demeanor a strong support.
From deep within, I knew
(to my hidden core)
failure is the only way to go.
Failure is the risk that must be taken.

With that,
I took the plunge,
soaking wet, smiling
at the graceful mystery
of following the

Children’s Book Recommendation:

What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobe Yamada and Mae Besom

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  1. and that’s exactly the nature of an idea. unexpected, unbidden and shows up out of the blue. And if we do nothing with it, she’s perfectly happy to flit away and find another place to land. PS LOVE that book!

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