Utterly You-nique.

You. Little old you and
me, little old me
caught up in our
similarities and sameness —
both of us looking to find
where our experiences match,
what topics we agree on,
how our perspectives align.
have we forgotten?
You and I,
well, we are
utterly unique!
YOU-nique —
as a dissolving wispy cloud lingering past high above,
as an imprinted crystalline snowflake on a frozen window pane,
as the unusual face of the next stranger noticed on our path.
Have we forgotten?
Each of us were given life as pure gift.
Pure gift!
None of us asked to be born here. this day. this time.
Yet, we were.
From day one,
we were set toward adventure to
weave, intersect and meet
our individual trail of
family, friends, teachers,
life-altering occurrences. The ones
that bring both
pain and jubilation.
Not another soul has the exact same route.
But, here we are,
ignoring our differences. Instead,
could we —
let our kaleidoscope lives come together?
Collide? Overlap? Bring a new hue?
Could we —
challenge our comfort zone?
Grieve? Sing? Form a fresh shape?
Could we —
embrace our gap?
Mingle? Explore? Create an unknown?
Maybe it is time,
to wrap ourselves together,
to wrap the world together
with the wholeness of Christ’s love.