Angels & Animals.

First Week of Lent
This week, my drawing inspiration comes from Mark, Chapter 1. I’ve lingered on these words for some time and find there is much to dwell on in regards to angels, animals and our sacred life. Here is my weekly art offering:

Desert Temptation2

Scripture Reading:

Mark 1:12-13 “At once the Spirit forced Jesus out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness for forty days, tempted by Satan. He was among the wild animals, and the angels took care of him.”

Visio Divina:
Visio Divina is an intentional way to pray with images. It invites us to slow down and notice, to look at what is before us. Instead of quickly glancing and moving on, Visio Divina invites God to speak to us through the visual. To read more about Visio Divina, click here. The rhythm below offers a prayerful prompt for your time with the image above.

Open in prayer asking God to be present with you in your viewing.

Slowly scan over the entire image. Which part of the image invites you in?

Keep your focus on the part of the image that captures your attention. Notice the lines, color, texture. What does this part of the image stir within you? Does it bring up memories of a past event or person? Does it evoke a desire or longing? Notice your feelings and emotions. Allow yourself to spend time in this space with God.

In your final moments with the image, notice what prayer is rising within you. Consider writing your prayer down in a journal.


Consider an animal you like. What are the characteristics you like about the animal? What are the “wild” characteristics that hold you at arm’s length? Dwell on what this animal can teach you about relationship with God?

Consider a time in your life that felt like you were in the desert. Who were the angels who tended to you? Can you name any angels who are by your side in current circumstances?

Ponder how a difficult time in your life helped you grow in your viewpoint, compassion or your dependence on God. End with a prayer of thanks to God.

Closing Prayer:
Loving Jesus, Your suffering in the desert helps me know I’m not alone. Thank you for coming aside me in my suffering and for sending animals and angels to guide me. Amen.

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  1. Reading the book “Consider the Birds” that you shared as your current reading. Amazing book and a lot of fun too. Thanks

    1. I’m reading that book with a group right now! We are having fun with it. It’s hard to see birds now and not immediately think of Jesus!

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