Come In! (When You’re Tired of the Hate)


You’re here!
Come in, come in.
Welcome to this space.
Would you like a cup of coffee?

I see the sparkle in your eyes,
our stories begin to spill.
Tales that make our sides hurt
and our teeth gleam.

Our laughter, joyful music to the heavens above.
Wrinkled frog necks are recalled,
cheesecake splayed across the counter
scooped up swiftly by spoons,
alliances gone bad during games of Risk,
and old Mr. O’Neill dressed as Julius Caesar.
Our mutual affirmation as edge dwellers
binds us as confidantes.
You and I, teasers to one another
when Sophia, Nadia and Wisdom
walk into the room.
Yes, we crack up about Flowland
and rainbow candles
and giggle at past Friends episodes.
Our humor mirrors one another,
we are each others’ favorite.

For a little while,
we put aside the world —
the hate and separation,
the anger and bitterness
and dwell on the love we share.

Soon enough,
our heartache pours out
and you remind me
of a boy named David,
a boy after God’s own heart
who slayed the giant Goliath.
I tell you of a man named Saul
who, when, scales fell from his eyes
he transformed to a Gentile-loving,
Jesus-preaching Paul.

We grieve how
it’s difficult to love
and harder to forgive.
You mention prayer
and I, trust.

Then, you surprise me
when you ask me to dance.
I proclaim, “Yes”!
We turn on the tunes,
hold hands and we twirl.

Dear one,
this moment was made
for you and I.
It’s all we have.
So let us be awake
to the delight
of love and light.

I love you.