Where Do I Begin?

How are you?
I have much to tell you. But,
where do I begin?

Where do I begin
after a whirlwind month
of game playing,
taco dinners
and movie escape?

How do I gather the
nuggets of goodness
to tell you
when a thousand thoughts
scramble for attention?
“Choose me! Choose me!,”
they clamor in my ear.

A moment of clarity about the church;
a single line streams about being “liked”;
touched by sadness, I wonder about passing it on;
creativity is never far from consciousness.
All is short-lived, unacted upon.

Weeks gnaw, consumed by
daily chores, grocery lists
and entertaining.
Silence has been nil,
noise the norm.

How do I get back
to the things of the soul?

How do I begin again
when I can’t decide
between paint,
colored pencils and
oil pastels? When
the rainbow of the world
is at my fingertips and
I want it all?

Where do I begin?
Right where I am.

How do I begin?
With one line.

To Ask a Friend:
What helps you keep God as a focus when your routine shifts? Or, if you’ve felt distant from God, what helps “reset” you to begin anew with God? Consider making time for what has surfaced (creating art, taking a walk, exercising, etc.)

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