The Gift of Space.


Mary, faithful servant
when surprised
by an angel,
made space
for the Christ

She, an empty vessel
not filled with
to do lists
frenetic activity
frantic thoughts

She, not steeped in a vision
of what should be
Rather, clung loosely
to the possibility
of what might be

She, when fraught
with fear, did not flee
Instead, questioned
the mystery, pondered
the “I don’t know

She, who waits
with patience,
loving action
models hope

She, with margin,
spoke a courageous “Yes”
overtaken by the Spirit
filled with Christ,
birthed healing into the world.

Mary, Empty Vessel, Coloring Sheet:
Here is a free download of the picture above for you to print out and color for your prayer time. Coloring offers one quiet space to ponder the things of God. As you color, consider the questions below. Download your own Mary coloring sheet here.

Advent is a season that invites a dance of preparation with hopeful waiting. Mary models making space for Christ in her life. She put her plans aside to say “Yes” to God’s greater plan. How does Mary inspire you to make space this season for the plans of God? How do you and I wait with hopeful anticipation? What may God be stirring in us that may be birthed into healing in the communities we live in?

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