Brilliant Gratitude.

Gratitude sparkles brilliant within
an ordinary moment, a mere glance away.

It’s an inhale of notice beyond myself,
an exhale of thanks to the mystery of God.

It’s an inhale of wide-eyed awakening,
An exhale of silent appreciation.

When I consider my restless mind,
my envy, sorrow, anger and plain, busy life,

giving thanks is the antidote. It takes
the focus away from me, myself and I,

slows me down to prayerful awareness.
When I notice, I see what I already have.

I hear the voice of the Prodigal God,
hum low, with lavish love,

“You are always with me,
and everything I have is yours.”*

I am always with God.
Everything of God’s is mine to receive.


Can I claim this radical statement for myself?
Can I believe it? Can I welcome the abundance?

Can I rest in the awe of God,
trusting in the provision of daily bread?

Could it be, if my answer is “Yes”, then, I, myself, become
a brilliant, sparkling vessel of gratitude?

What would it do for our broken world if we all began
to claim this good news of God with us?

If we all became brilliant, sparkling vessels of gratitude?

*Luke 15:11-32

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