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I am a wild woman
baring my feet
in the foam of the seas,
living on the creative edge
where ideas pop
and imagination whirs;
where the flow of the Spirit
leads me into shadows,
holds my hand
while I make peace
with the beast within,
learn from the dragon,
sit with evil,
befriend the enemy.
I am the untamable,
angered by tragedy,
desiring love,
confused by my knowing
and lack of follow through;
bewildered by the unknown,
hanging onto questions.
I am encouraged
other wild spirits
to keep
I move forth
to leave
a footprint

To Ponder:
The Bible is a rich book of legacy. All throughout Scripture, stories of a redeeming God are passed from one generation to another. Stories are told of how God’s people are led to freedom. These stories are a legacy of hope, love and grace for all God’s people. Reflect how you share this legacy with those you love. What type of footprint are you leaving behind?