A Spark, Some Fear & Bravery

Did you know there’s a path
marked especially for you?
“I don’t know what it is,” you say.

Shhhhhh… let’s sit and listen for a while.
Do you hear it?

It’s your life speaking.
Notice the spark which lights you from within?
See how time is forgotten when you are in the flow?

What’s that? Bubbling anger?
Don’t dismiss it. It has come to teach you something.
Does this injustice need your unique voice?

“I’m afraid,” you admit.
Beloved, I see your fear.
Fear of change. Fear of joy.

“I have too much to lose. I’m scared of excess joy,” you reveal.
Soul mate, I’m here by your side. You know
death leads to new life. The resurrected life is waiting for you!

“I have too much to do,” you retort.
My friend, begin simple with one step.
This morning, notice the rising sun.

“I have a job draining my time,” you groan.
I know, dear one. Tonight, delay bedtime by fifteen minutes.
Pursue your spark.

“No one gets it. Friends lay doubt,” you mumble.
Yes, precious child. This is true. It won’t make sense to others.
For your path is not theirs.

Kindred spirit, I encourage you: keep walking your path.
Feel the presence of those who’ve trekked before you.
Find living pilgrims who breathe life into your being.

Be brave! Pour your whole self into the world
in all your messy, colorful, enchanting ways.
Take the broken, beautiful bits of your past and bless someone.

When you do, stay alert.
Unexpected goodness will come your way.
Watch the brilliance unfold.

To Ponder:
So then let’s also run the race that is laid out in front of us, since we have such a great cloud of witnesses surrounding us.” Hebrews 12:1

Spend time reflecting on the “race” you’ve run up to this point. When were you running easily and joyfully? When was running an uphill battle? How do these help inform your life today and where God has you headed?

Book Recommendation:
Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer