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Hello, wonder seeker,
light keeper, day dreamer!
You are here. And, so am I.
Funny how we keep meeting.
In this place. In that place.
Wherever you are, the quest carries on.
Surprise! I’m here again!
It’s as if I follow you.
Or, are you trailing me?
Either way, we connect again.
I arrive in buttered crumbs on crumpled napkins.
I glisten in the forgotten cracks of sidewalks.
I honk playful in rubber squeaky toy fashion.
Of course, you already know this.
You ARE a wonder seeker.
You and I are well acquainted.
Some days you veer away from me.
But, I’m vibrant and zesty.
I attempt to rouse you from your sleep.
Some days I’m shy.
I’m soft and sensitive.
I dim in the presence of anger and gloom.
But, still, I’m here.
Waiting until we gather again.
And when we do, FIREWORKS!
You gasp with awe!
You gape open mouthed, “Wow!”
You silently grin at my stealthy ways.
I am giddy.
Not everyone can see me.
But, you can.
You ARE a wonder seeker.
So, today, when the doubt hedges in,
when the naysayer attempts to steal your joy,
stay focused on me, okay?
Keep looking for me.
I promise I’ll meet you there.
Wherever you are.
I’ll keep your hope aflame.
And,  you.
You keep fighting the good fight.

To Ponder:

“I have fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith.” – 2 Timothy 4:7

How easy or difficult is it for you to notice the wonder in your day? Peruse where you are this moment. Where do you spot wonder your midst?