God’s Love Remains

Last week, I wrote about resting in uncertainty in restless times. I began to think about Scripture as the source we can look to remind ourselves of God’s restoration. From the beginning, God shows up as a loving God who doesn’t oppress but frees. When evil lurks, God is in the midst rising up new leadership. When people are hungry, God provides manna. Where other systems use the high and mighty, God uses the outcast and least of these. When people fail God, God forgives and gives another chance. Our faith lies in a God who restores peace and wholeness to a broken world. This is the good news for all people. This news was true thousands of years ago and it remains true today! May you be blessed to see God’s hand of mercy and restoration in your life today and in the days ahead.

Nothing new under the sun,
empires rise and fall.
God’s love remains.

Adam and Eve feast on fruit.
Naked, they are sought and clothed.
God’s love covers.

Cain kills Abel,
receives a mark of protection.
God’s love shields.

Noah’s ark lands,
rainbow high in the sky.
God’s love promises.

Abraham sent forth,
bounds his son for sacrifice.
God’s love provides.

Jacob steals from his kin,
Yahweh meets him on the run.
God’s love pursues.

Joseph’s brothers discard him.
Dreams lead to blessing.
God’s love reconciles.

Pharaoh oppresses.
Israel cries out.
God’s love frees.

Rahab, tainted girl, streams
scarlet cord down a wall.
God’s love protects.

Gideon ravages the foe
with jars, lanterns and trumpets.
God’s love surprises.

Difficult trek of Ruth and Naomi
leads straight toward harvest.
God’s love nourishes.

Ruddy shepherd boy chosen,
slings a stone, Goliath falls.
God’s love looks at the heart.

Meshach stands in flames,
friends by his side,
God’s love triumphs.

Herod’s fear kills babes.
Mary and Joseph flee.
God’s love guides.

Pharisees question.
Jesus responds by parable.
God’s love mystifies.

Peter denies.
Jesus meets him at dawn.
God’s love restores.

Judas betrays.
Jesus breaks bread.
God’s love forgives.

Paul persecutes,
Christ opens his eyes,
God’s love reveals.

Jesus dies on a cross,
resurrects to life,
God’s love lives.

Further exploration:
Story of Rahab: Joshua 2
Story of Gideon: Judges 7
Story of Ruth & Naomi: Ruth 1-4
Story of Meshach: Daniel 3


  1. Ally…I love your gift of words! Love this.

  2. Patricia Markotich

    Your writing is always thought provoking. Great job!

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